Management structure and procedures

The project organisational structure is illustrated in Figure B2.1-1 and shows four steering sub-committees;

1) Technical Management to manage all research and development activities (WP1-WP5)

Technical Manager: Frode Strisland, Sintef ICT

2) Dissemination Management to secure a wide spread dissemination of the project results across Europe as part of the innovation activities in WP 8, but also to manage the training of the participating SMEs within the new developed technologies (WP7) and to manage demonstration activities (WP6);

Dissemination Manager: Klaus Schellhorn, neuroConn 

3) Exploitation Management for the management of knowledge and IPR as well as of future funding (WP8); and 4) Consortium Management to handle all administrative, contractual and legal obligations (WP9).

Expoitation Manager: Haldor Sjaaheim, Smartbrain AS

We have selected competent and experienced persons as management leaders, and defined clear responsibilities and a set of rules for execution, decision making, and conflict resolution. The Coordinator will take on the role of chairman, will have the overall responsibility, and will act as the project’s representative towards the REA.

Coordinator: Haldor Sjaaheim, Smartbrain AS